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  • 140518 Adrenaline[1] lifting

    140518 Adrenaline[1] lifting Lifting more than normal is not unusual under certain circumstances. This is frequently seen on the platform by athletes who make excellent use of their powers of generating positive result producing psychological and physical energy. In the gyms though, unless testing for a one repetition maximum, this is not a good training method.
  • 070518 Motor unit recruitment

    070518 Motor unit recruitment Motor unit recruitment in a nutshell: The size principle states that slow fatigue resistant motor units are recruited first. This theory serves to demonstrate the relationship between the motor unit twitch force and the recruitment threshold of the fibers.  For example these first muscle fibers are not able to sustain a lasting
  • 230418 The warm up-ending notes 4/4

    230418 The warm up-ending notes 4/4 Warm ups that consist of static stretching prior to the power and explosive sports are contraindicated. Warming up dynamically is the key to explosive displays of power. Taking into consideration the issue of muscle soreness as a reason to wait seven days; if you are still sore seven days
  • 160418 The specific warm up 3/4

      160418 The specific warm up 3/4 As the warm up nears the end, the movements and intensity must approximate the beginning of the main workout. Just because these final movements may be lighter and not as challenging as the main ones to come does not mean less concentration is needed. Do not get into
  • 090418 The general principles of the warm up 2/4

    090418 The general principles of the warm up 2/4 The general warm up The runner’s may actually be onto something when they start out on a run-they normally begin at a slower pace than the main portion of the run will be. Any exercise that revs up the cardiovascular system is good except for the