Company History


When my brother and I were young; we would watch our father lift weights in the garage. He was self-trained, consistent, and hard working. Year-after-year he trained hard to get stronger. Over time it became more difficult for him to reach his desired gains, and his passion faded. Dad didn’t have the knowledge to break through his plateau. After long months of failures, setbacks, and injuries, he lost his passion for the grind he once loved.

Years later Dad got back into the garage, not for himself, but to teach us boys how to get stronger. My brother and I saw gains immediately. My father’s success with training my brother and I quickly became evident to the coaches, and to the parents of our teammates. Word got around, and by the end of the season Dad was training seven boys from our different teams. That year I can remember looking at our lifting sheets and seeing gains for everyone across the board. We were all getting stronger!

Even though we were still improving, we began to see a decline in the rate of gains we had seen previously. This decline was first evident for the both of us. We knew the ceiling was coming down and a plateau effect was near. So Dad took to the internet for answers to help us. He read article after article, searched forums and blogs, bought bodybuilding and strength videos and protein. Much of the new information, new fitness gadgets, and new techniques helped.

But surprisingly, the gadget that provided the most benefit were some rather pricy, large rubber bands. Initially, it was hard for my father to accept that a large rubber band could dramatically improve workouts and increase training results. The price alone almost stopped him from purchasing the bands. However, when he saw the benefits and results that came from working out with them, he knew these “silly rubber bands” were the answer to breaking through to the next level. He realized their potential, and decided that he was going to try and sell these over sized rubber bands.

He had found his new passion, and Iron Woody Fitness was born. With a $500 investment in 2004, he began selling “the best fitness bands at the best price”. It was soon apparent that other people were looking for a great deal on bands. Then the popularity for the bands quickly spread, and with an e-commerce website, the business exploded.
Since 2004, IWF has been providing the highest quality bands and fitness equipment offered at the most affordable prices possible. We feel privileged to supply many schools, colleges, gyms, and pro sport teams around the world, not to mention our favorite customers, the guys just working out in their garages.

Dad has retired and pursues new goals of his own. My brother and I are the company now, and are the keepers of the Iron Woody legacy and core values: Always hold true to my dad’s original mission statement: “Offer the Highest Quality at the Lowest Prices”. Any diversion from this would be a betrayal to the principle on which this company was founded. Never forget how and why IWF began, and never forget the guy working out in his garage.

Looking at our site now and where we were when we started back in 2004 much has changed, but rest assured that our founding principles won’t, that is our legacy from Dad and our continued promise to you.