Why should I purchase Iron Woody Fitness Bands over your competitors?

  1. Our fitness bands are 5mm thick, compared to other companies’ 4.5mm.
  2. Our bands are made using only the best (and most expensive) latex available, grown in South East Asia.
  3. Iron Woody Bands are layered (not molded). Layering is much more expensive, but it gives the bands higher tensile strength and durability.

You can find cheaper bands out there, but when you compare them “apples to apples”, Iron Woody Bands are the best value for your money. Our bands will save you money in the long run by lasting longer, while providing you with the extra margin of safety you need when lifting.

Are Iron Woody Fitness bands made out of latex?

Iron Woody Bands are made of natural latex, not rubber.

How much tension do Iron Woody Fitness bands have?

41″ Bands

#0  Pilates Band: 2 to 15 lbs.
#1  Mini Band: 5 to 35 lbs.
#2  Super Mini Band: 10 to 50 lbs.
#3  Small Band: 25 to 80 lbs.
#4  Medium Band: 50 to 120 lbs.
#5  Large Band: 60 to 150 lbs.
#6  Extra Large Band: 70 to 175 lbs.
#7  Monster Band: 80 to 200 lbs.

How far can Iron Woody Fitness bands stretch?

Iron Woody Bands can be stretched to twice of their original length, which is approximately 80 inches. We do not recommend stretching the bands more than double the original length of the band.

I just purchased Iron Woody Fitness bands, how do I care for them?

  1. Avoid exposure to ultra violet lights, and direct sunlight when possible. Store them in a dark, dry environment.
  2. As your bands become soiled with use, clean them by wiping them with a soft cloth using only liquid hand soap and water. Do not immerse the band in water, or use chemicals to clean them. Anything containing oil will quickly degrade the latex.

How long is the Iron Woody Fitness Band guarantee?

 Our guarantee on all bands is 1 year from purchase date.

What should I do if my bands develop tears or rips in them?

First, please note that ALL bands will eventually wear out over time, (like the brakes on your car). We recommend that if a band develops any tears or rips, replace it immediately for safety reasons. If your Iron Woody Fitness Band is one year old or less from the date of purchase, and you have not misused it, Iron Woody will replace the band free of charge, shipping included.

I am new to fitness bands. What bands should I start with?

If you’re interested in Iron Woody Bands and band training in general please email us or call us. We would be happy to talk with you about your goals and discuss what bands you should purchase.

What are the #6-Extra Large Bands and the #7-Monster bands used for?

These bands are primarily used for assisted pull-ups for beginners, and heavy squatting for advanced users.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

We primarily use United States Postal Service (USPS) 2-3 day Priority Mail. On occasion we will use UPS and FedEx for larger orders, which take 3-5 days depending on your location. Our customer service department emails a tracking number on all orders. This tracking number provides an estimated day on which your order should arrive.

Does Iron Woody Fitness ship internationally?

Yes we do ship internationally. We try and ship to as many countries as possible, but we will not ship to countries that we feel are not safe to ship to. These countries we choose at our discretion.

I am looking to make a return on an order. How do I go about returning the product and what are your return policies?

We do accept returns. Please read our Return Policy before purchasing products from Iron Woody Fitness.

Does Iron Woody Fitness welcome recommendations for new products?

Absolutely. If you have a product you think we should look at, please send us an email info@ironwoodyfitness.com with the information. We always appreciate information regarding new fitness products.

Does Iron Woody Fitness offer gift cards?

Yes, we offer gift cards.

Does Iron Woody Fitness provide private labeling for my company?

Yes, we do offer private labeling please contact info@ironwoodyfitness.com if you’re interested in private labeling.

How do I become a wholesaler or an affiliate with Iron Woody Fitness?

We are always looking to reach new wholesalers and affiliates. Email us at info@ironwoodyfitness.com and we’ll get back to you.