Four Lower body weight only exercises

Hands to the chest squat bottomSquats – simply squat down until your buttocks are close to the floor. Do this without bending over at the start; just keep pushing your buttocks toward the rear, just like you down when you sit down in a chair to eat supper. At the bottom of the squat, your hip joint will be below the top of your knee. This is below parallel. Parallel does not mean your hips and knees are at a ninety degree angle. This is a high squat in every book. Go low and get something out of the exercise.

Calf raises – stand up tall on your toes for high numbers of repetitions. You can do them on stair steps for added emphasis on your calves. Or one foot at a time for added emphasis or balance practice.

Good morning bottom email largeGood mornings – just bend over at your waist and then stand up straight for one repetition. Do these for high repetitions to build the endurance into your lower back muscles.

IMG_0025Lower back extension
Lay face down on the floor or a flat bench. Stretch out with your hands beside each hip; now lift your upper torso up as far as you can. Do not lift your feet off the floor; it is damaging to the lower spine.

Hold it there for a count of ten to twenty. Holding for a minute is the goal.

The longer you can hold this position the greater your low back endurance will be and low back endurance staves off low back injury.

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