Alberto Padilla

Name: Alberto Padilla
Company: AP Jeet Kune Do and Fitness
Specialty: Martial Arts & Training
Location: Portland, Oregon

My name is Alberto Padilla; I am a strength coach and a martial art instructor. My experience and passion for martial arts and fitness began in Chicago where I attained my degree and multiple national certifications. To improve myself and my craft in strength training, I sought out and achieved a level 2 coach certification under the renowned Charles Poliquin group.

A huge aspect of my coaching experience comes from 10 years of Jeet Kune Do training with Barry Lee, a 2nd generation full instructor under Jerry Poteet. In 2012, I was awarded certified instructor and have been teaching JKD for the last few years.

Since my youth, I’ve had extensive training experience in the sport of boxing and endured numerous of bouts and golden glove tournaments. I had the privileged to be coached by Danell “Doc” Nicholson (Former Pro heavy weight boxer) and his teachings helped me improve myself as a competitor in the ring.

I now operate in Portland, OR, and continue to strive to share my passion for fitness and health and make a difference in peoples lives.