Chip Conrad

Name: Chip Conrad
Company: Bodytribe Fitness
Specialty: Mind and Body Fitness
Location: Sacramento, California

Chip Conrad founded Bodytribe Fitness, the hub of the Physical Sub-culture on the West Coast, 15 years ago. Bodytribe is a quiet conglomeration of dedicated folk who embrace their joy of life through strength and movement. Best surmised the Bodytribe motto is:

“Better choices today bring more choices tomorrow.”

Competitive weightlifter, strongman, savior of strays, powerlifter, historian of generalist, Chip is the author of countless articles, blogs, and a must have addition to your lifting library. Chip is a thinking man’s meat head, Chip has had the honor of working with and training under some of the greatest lifter’s in history including Mel Siff, Tommy Kono, Jim Schmitz, Dan John, and Jan and Terry Todd.

Chip currently lives in Sacramento California with a merry band of misfits, his cat Jack, and his rescued pitbull Scarlet.