Danny M. O’Dell

Name: Danny M. O'Dell M.A. CSCS'D
Company: Explosivelyfit Strength & Power Training
Specialty: Strength and Power Training
Location: Nine Mile Falls, Washington
Website: www.explosivelyfit.com

Danny O’Dell is the owner and operator of Explosivelyfit Strength and Power Training with his wife in Nine Falls Washington. He is a United States Air Force Veteran, and the proud father of three children.

Danny is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through NSCA and currently works with athletes in his surrounding area. He has been published in the Washington State Coaches Magazine numerous times. He also has been writing strength and fitness related articles twice a month for the past 15 years! His off time consists of reading strength related articles and books, World War II History, shooting, and working on cars.

Danny specializes in using proven old school techniques to train his athletes. He works on both aspects of training, the physical and mental aspects. One of his specialties is encouraging and enthusing his clientele to be better versions of themselves. He avoids the stupid stuff and sticks to what works. Follow him for great advice and information.