Lauren Teknipp

Name: Samantha Critser and Lauren Teknipp
Company: Saturated Fit
Specialty: Strength and Fitness
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Lauren Teknipp and Samantha Critser are the women behind Saturated Fit. Both women played Division I NCAA sports and are on a mission help their clientele in mind, body, and spirit.

Lauren participated in girls volleyball at the University of Georgia. While in school she learned that her passion in life was living healthy and learning as much as she could about fitness. Samantha also participated in Division I sports. She played tennis, and is currently attending the University of Santa Clara with a major in psychology and a minor in communications.

Even though Lauren and Samantha live in different states they share the same motto: Life is about being balanced in all areas, mind, body, and spirit. Follow them more great information, and also because they’re the most attractive people on our website!