Zane Edwards

Name: Zane Edwards
Company: Iron Woody Fitness
Specialty: Aesthetics and Band Training
Location: San Jose, California

Zane Edwards grew up in Northern California. It wasn’t till his early twenties that he decided to start working out with weights. He was bullied while in school and he says that was his motivation as to why he wanted to start working out with weights and get bigger.

Zane also has a special relationship with Iron Woody Fitness. Iron Woody Fitness was established in 2004 and hired Zane on as a shipping technician late 2006. His passion led to him to be more than just part of the shipping department. Over the past 10 years he’s put on a solid 40 pounds and has tried just about every fitness diet, gimmick, and way of training.

He currently works at Iron Woody Fitness on web development, and special consultant work. Feel free to follow him for fitness advice and information.