Sports psychology and the strength athlete

231016 Sports psychology and the strength athlete

The sports psychologist assists by coupling together the mental skills present, the underlying predispositions to the outcome of the event and the current physical abilities that are ready to do the task at hand present in the athlete. Strength training has a positive influence on both the physical and psychological skills within the individual.

Placing an emphasis on the psychological aspects of training in the periodized yearly plan for each goal set will ensure they are met in the most effective manner. Thus during training spending time on the goals by relaxing and visualization will help bring them to fruition.

The five stages of a successful psychological input into the training cycle will be establishing the goals for the season and the overall year, practicing the relaxation techniques that have proven effective, concentrating on these goals throughout the year through imagery of and established ritualization prior to the event taking place.

Once the athlete reaches the competitive portion of the season these five steps should already be completed and firmly established in the athletes mental and physical make up.

During the competitive season these attributes will be easier to recall and put in place, thereby creating an atmosphere of quiet competence in one’s self.

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