Who is Iron Woody?

We get this question a lot. Who or what is an “Iron Woody”? Iron Woody™ is the larger-than-life character we dreamed up to poke some fun at bodybuilding & powerlifting.  He’s a combination of the stereotypical surf bum and bodybuilder from the ‘60’s & ‘70’s Venice Beach scene.  It was a simpler, more innocent period of our history that a lot of us can remember and/or relate to.

We used this beach theme for our site because we were sick and tired of viewing the dark, black, depressing monster themes that are used on most powerlifting sites.  “Gee, I want to workout really hard so I can look like some monster from the pit of Hell!”  Isn’t that special?

Hopefully Iron Woody also represents some of the characteristics of the guy you want to become through working out:  healthy, fit, physically strong, a great sense of humor, and narcissistic.

Our pages contain a considerable amount of information useful for both the serious weightlifter, and also the guy just looking to “get back in shape.”  We hope you will take the time to explore the rest of the site so you can get a real grip on the Iron Woody™ and what he’s about.  Enjoy!